Friday Oct 21st, 2022


This is the ideal time to plant new trees and shrubs. The soil should still be warm enough for the roots to grow, and your trees and shrubs will have the next several months to develop a healthy root system. 

Newly planted trees and shrubs need to be watered immediately. They will also require frequent and heavy watering over the next several weeks, as the cooler air can cause the soil to quickly dry out. 

October is also the ideal time to plant spring bulbs like daffodils, irises, crocuses, tulips, and hyacinths. The bulbs will be well preserved by the cold temperatures over the winter and ready to bloom beautifully in the warmth of spring. 

To discourage hungry squirrels from digging, liberally sprinkle Red Pepper Flakes over planted bulbs. If you have a significant critter issue, plant crocus bulbs - they're less desirable to squirrels, or simply mix them in among your existing bulbs.

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