Sunday May 03rd, 2020


There are many ways to increase the value of your property. You can install extensions, buy a whole new kitchen...or do a little house cleaning.

Statistically speaking, property cleanliness has been ranked as the most important factor in making a positive impact on buyers, weighing in at 51% of public votes.

According to a recent research, when asking 500 estate agents their opinion, any costs put into cleaning a property returned its value and gave an extra 400%.

On average, if you spend $400 on house cleaning services or supplies it can be expected to boost your property value by around $2,000!

But what if you could boost the value just as much without spending nearly that amount of money?

This is house cleaning 101, and can be one of the largest factors in making a good first impression on prospective buyers. Certain rooms will require a different approach, however in general aim is to reduce clutter and unnecessary items.

For rooms in general, ensure that:

  • All rubbish is thrown away
  • Clothes are washed (if needed) and put away
  • Books and magazines are sorted neatly
  • Decor and accessories are minimal (non-distracting items work best)
  • Personal items (bills, bank statements, etc.) are packed away for your own security
  • Furniture is arranged to welcome buyers into the room, not block them off
  • All rooms have 4 or less pieces of furniture to increase perceived space
  • Closets and cabinets are not more than 70% full, to show storage space
  • Storage spaces (cupboards, pantry, etc.) are all organized like a store to show off the space.
  • Also consider removing family photos, as this allows buyers to imagine themselves in the property.
  • Remove signs of pets

Outside of your property deserves your attention too. After all, it’s the first thing a potential buyer sees.

You can dramatically improve the appearance of your property by giving it a “wash and haircut”!

Clean the driveway, walkways and deck or patio. A pressure washer — which can be rented from most home improvement stores — works best, although you can do nearly as good a job with a water hose and walkway cleaner.

Trim hedges and shrubs. Mow the lawn. Pull any weeds out of flower beds.

These small measures will help you make the best first impression on buyers.

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