Friday Oct 07th, 2022


After a season of enjoying the blooms from your perennial flower garden, late fall is the time to prepare flower beds for winter.

Dig out tender bulbs and store them in a cool, dry place. For other perennials, cut back stems and add a thick layer of compost around the beds. The compost slowly breaks down, releasing nutrients to the plants and improving the soil structure.

For additional protection, add a layer of hay, evergreen boughs, or cover with a Styrofoam cone. The extra layer protects perennials and helps catch and hold snow, which will also insulate the bed.

TIP: Gently till garden soil to expose burrowing insects. This helps reduce pest troubles in the spring and summer. It’s one of the most effective ways to reduce populations of Japanese beetles, whose grubs live and “winterize” in the soil.

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