The Cost of Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

Friday Feb 22nd, 2019


The article below is a good read for those who are planning to sell themselves, through Comfree or other similar services out there. 
Although topic covers many important points I would like to add to it. Sellers are always attached to their homes and can easily become emotional during negotiation process when a lowball offer comes in (and it WILL come in). Negotiations simply do not end up well, home goes back on the market and in 90-95% of cases is re-listed on the Market with an agent, who then sells it.

Unless you want to be home every time there is a showing (happens a few times a day); or provide a lockbox number to strangers who would access your most valuable investment; or receive and not be able to negotiate a potentially winning offer for emotional reasons, take my advice - hire a Professional.

At the end of the day Homes for sale by owner receive lesser value offers as a non-presence of Listing Agent representing you is already priced into it.




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